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This page is devoted to those who have been there with us right from the beginning;

a talented group of "chicks" who have proven time and time again, that CHICKS RULE!





"A special THANK YOU to each and every one of you.  We couldn't do it without you!"


Please don't mind our mess: THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS



the Mustard Seed

Once upon a time, a mother and daughter read an article in Victoria Magazine about a delightful shop and decided to give it a whirl. We started with herbal dip mixes, antiques and lovely sprays and lotions with a few beaded necklaces and tie dyes thrown in. Maximum occupancy in that tiny carriage house was three people (including us!) we have grown to occupy 2400 square feet and enjoy filling that space with all things vintage, herbal and old-fangled.  While you will probably only see me (Juli) in my red boots at the shows promoting her wares, I believe every day at The Seed is a red-boot kinda' day- full of fun, whimsy and sparkle!



Faces of Astarte


Owner and proprieter, Christie Shahin,  is a published author, Licensed Cosmetologist, Make-Up Artist, Henna Body Artist & Natural Pigment Hair Colorist, Holistic Beauty Practitioner, & Eco Beauty Advocate. The mother of six grown children; an environmental, social justice and human rights activist for two decades.

She is passionate about Body & Planetary Ecologies, where they interrelate and co-create, and a forerunner in ecological beauty having had one of the first all natural salons in 1990 in her home in Newport, NY.

By embracing her passions, her intention is to offer beauty through researching and reclaiming natural cultural practices that provide safe non-toxic options for families as well as a strong local eco-economy with a legacy of healthy body & planetary ecologies.


the Persnickety Chick

How THE girl became THE Persnickety Chick . . .

Somewhere back at the start of 2008, at the encouragement of a dear friend, I delved into the marvelous world of digital scrapbooking.  It was fun and I was excited at the things I was creating whilst learning my way around Photoshop. I discovered there was an entire online community of sites complete with galleries to showcase your work and when I was brave enough to share my creations, also discovered I would have to pick a name for myself.  With the help of that same dear friend (who happens to have known me the longest) we picked a name we thought showed spunk and flair and seem to suit me. Yep, THE PERSNICKETY CHICK. It was simply a username at the time.  I never realized how much it would grow to define me and my work on the path to being the artist I am now. 


The digital scrapbooking really didn't last long and I discovered rather quickly that I rather enjoyed creating my own little world, sneak peeks into other dimensions, and the use of symbolism to convey my thoughts and feelings about those causes of which I am so passionate.  Digital scrapbooking was just an avenue to graphic design which, in turn, lead me on the path to art journaling, ATC swaps, and further into the realms of mixed media art (found object art, assemblage, collage on canvas, etc.)  And it just keeps getting better and better.  Being an artist is my calling, I know that now.  It is such a part of me I cannot live without it!


In these years since, I have made my way into so many other various creative circles, have met and come to known so so many talented fellow artists, some who were once my muses and I am now so so very privileged to call my friends.  The art community is such a wondrous place and I am so grateful for my place in it.  It ends with ultimately  where I find myself now; as a creator of so many wonderful things, as an artist, writer, blogger, mother,natural parenting advocate, eco-warrior and free spirit caught up in the embrace of this great big wonderful world!


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